Whom to contact

In sickness and in health

Bring EU insurance card or certificate for Healthcare Insurances if domicilled outside of the EU. Bearers of EU/EG Insurance cards will be charged the same fee as a Swede. Credit cards are preferred over cash, in some locations, only cards will be accepted.ont

The healthcare clinic (Vårdcentral) is located in Boliden, but has facilities in the back of the pharmacy in the Jörn. It is staffed on a scheduled basis, mainly for taking/leaving test and in 2021 for vaccin purposes.

Opening hours are petty much regular business hours. In case of non-emergency issues, contact the clinic to find out if they can take you case. Phone: +46 90-785 91 23.

Emergencies (akutfall)

Emergency number

Telephone: 112.

Hospital in Skellefteå. Local rescue team stationed in Jörn. Ambulance in Skellefteå and stretcher car available in Jörn.

Police – urgent but not emergency: 114 14

Dentist (tandläkare)

There is an excellent dentist working 2 days a week in Jörn (Tuesday and Thursday) located on the second floor (above the pharmacy).

On weekends during daytime, there is always of a dentist in Skellefteå on duty. Refer to the health care clinics phone listed above or directly to the clinic +46 916-103 07.


There are a couple of taxis in and around Jörn with a range of different sizes of cars and busses. All taxis are metered and fixed prices are available to some destinations or on request.

Estimate of regular taxi fair, not pre-ordered limo to for instance airports/train: Skellefteå 1000 sek, Arvidsjaur 1000 sek, Glommersträsk 500 sek.

Phone: 0910-170 00 (+46 910 170 00)

Craftsmen (hantverkare)

Carpenter and general entrepreneur (part time retired): Rolfe’s Trä

Plumber/Heating (all sorts of): Stenmans VVS

Building permits, 3D drawings, construction supervisors: E-konsulter

Electricity licensed staff: FP El-Service i Jörn, Per Lindgren and Fredrik Olofsson, (link to be added 201901)

Excavator services: Per Lindgren, (see reference above)

Drilling for wells: Stenmans VVS (or hired subcontractor)

Timber/forest work: See Carpenter above.

Repair shop machinery:

Car repair/maintenance: Tero Nyholm, Autoakuten (next to the gasoline pump)

House maintenance

Housekeeping: Ullas Hemtjänstservice AB

General property management/janitor:

Ambassadors of the world in an an around Jörn

The persons listed have volontered to reply to questions you could direct to us. They do not offer to perform any services or to assist in translating in contacts with local administration etc. Just good to know the scope of resources available in and around the fairly small village – as well as to know that there actually might be someone there to talk to.

Jörn has for many years been a well appreciated site for persons in need of asylum. The tolerant and overseeing folks of the Community are used to meeting with people with different backgrounds, experiences and history of their own.

  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • English – Just anyone around… English commonly spoken at least to those of age 10-75.
  • Finnish
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Persian/Farsi
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Somali
  • Tigringa
  • Thai
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