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This website is intended for anyone interested in the village of Jörn.

You will find a well of available resouces and helpful people if you pay us a visit. You were not thinking of paying us a visit!!?

Please do, even if your final destination is beyond our borders. Why? You will find a good cup of coffee at the grill/luncheon (Nasakrog) opposite of the pharmacy – or twice weekly at the special store in the train station.  Ask just anyone for direction in Jörn where Tiger Woods spent Christmas a some years back. Not sure our friends at the grill will be able to describe it in detail. But sure enough they’ll serve you coffee the first time around. Unfortunately you will not be able to visit the wooden house next to the old gas station. Cozyer than cozy with reindeer skin, fireplace and seating for at least 20 people.  jpg_1119-Cartoon-Character-Animal-Romantic-Tiger-with-Flower-and-Gift

About Jörn

Jörn is pronounced exactly like the English word yearn, meaning to really long for something (to desire). A truly suitable name for this village!

Conveniently located inbetween the Baltic and the mountain area. Jörn is the home of the highest mountain in the coastal area. A ski and mountain/fishing  resort  is easily accessible year around, at a distance of 15 km (9 miles) from the village. It is staffed during November/December until mid/end of April, all depending on the quality of the skiing facilities.

It is a village with a large number of small surrounding villages, together formning Jörn. The village Jörn in turn is part of the regional community of Skellefteå, where public administation can be reached at http://www.skelleftea.se. In the center of the village Jörn, a small bransch office of the local administration, the Migration agency and the  private business is located (JESS). The business hours vary to some extent, depending on the ongoing activities. Next to the JESS office the new arrivals/migrants are offered access to language classes. Jörn has a history of welcoming migrants, starting mid 90’s.

At first glance it might seems somewhat laid back. Some houses have lacked desired maintenance for some years. During 2016 a local real estate investor has purchased a large number of property for housing and business and have already started refurbishing and renovation.

Bragging about one’s advantages is not the most typical attribute of an inland Swede. Hence it might even appear dormant, until you scratch the surface.

  • Population: 900 persons (decrease around 15% since 1995).
  • Train station: In Jörn, on the nationwide train track.
  • Airports: Skellefteå (SFT) as well as Arvidsjaur (AJR), both approx 50 minutes away by car. Limousine service available per person or for an entire car.
  • Bus: Bus station with nationwide freight service (Bussgods) available in the center of Jörn.
  • Cities: Skellefteå 45 minutes away, Piteå (up north) about 1,5 hour away and Umeå (south) 2,5 hours away by car and 2 hours by train. Umeå is the largest, offering University studies and the regional hospital for advanced care.
  • Other countries: Norway is 4 hours away by car and Finland about 3,5 hours away by car.
  • Liveliest day of the week: Saturday. People from the surrounding villages turn up for shopping, possibly paying a visit to one of the two flea market (lacking sign and located in  green two story building) around the corner from the main store Coop. The second, pop-up store, is next to Coop and has at this point not any fixed business hours.

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